Delicious stepsister fucks me in the bathroom


Delicious stepsister fucks me in the bathroom.

Earlier than usual, I walk the cold and damp corridors dragging,

the wheelbarrow with the necessary tools for my tasks,

today is a special day and I have not been able to sleep.

The nightmares that haunted me ten years ago have returned,

with unusual strength to remind me of my shame.

Ten years since, to my misfortune,

I cowardly decided that others would pay the price for my self-inflicted humiliation.

Dragging my feet like a specter of what I was,

I see my image reflected in the polished bronze that I just cleaned.

Nothing remains of the handsome young and proud architect that I knew how to be,

and much of the pathetic monstrosity that I became.

The prematurely white hair,

the unkempt beard and the deep wrinkles produced by long hours of insomnia,

have carved the traces of my doom on my appearance.

The stupid arrogance of deciding to become an avenging angel,

so, upon learning of my soul brother’s betrayal

– one more after two years of teasing and contempt tolerated by a sick feeling of love –

caused the destruction of everything around me.

Trying to calm the pain that it caused me,

and that my best friend also signed up on the long lists of lovers of my dream stepsister,

unleashed in me an unusual thirst for revenge,

and the sick belief that the unleashed tsunami,

would not reach me with its furious vengeful waves,

led me to lose what little I had left, and that was not exactly dignity.

Just as the anguished years lived enduring,

baseness that I never believed I tolerated,

in the intimate, and selfish belief that so much corruption,

was not going to drag me down,

the spill of my retaliation caused so much pain that it is difficult for me to tolerate.

Delicious stepsister fucks me in the bathroom.