sweet stepsister schoolgirl sucks me after school


sweet stepsister schoolgirl sucks me after school.

When I was at school,

I loved to joke around with my classmates,

tease them a little just for fun,

Besides, I also got hot.

Sometimes I let them touch me a little

they put their hands under my legs,

they grabbed my tits,

but what they liked the most was grabbing my buttocks,

sometimes they beat me,

Although I liked it, I was outraged that they did it in front of someone else.

I used to touch the cocks of some of my classmates,

but always in uniform,

But that time we had to go to school on a Saturday

We were the course that would go since we had to make up some classes,

luckily we finished class a little earlier and some classmates left,

some of us stayed as they allowed us to stay until 3 and it was barely 11.

While in the room we began to talk a little about everything,

But as time went on the topic got a little hotter

we talk about sex and stuff,

some “bored” colleagues left,

We were three boys and two girls, including my stepbrother.

They told us how they masturbated

how he gave oral sex to a cousin,

we talked about the tastes we had since none of them had that much experience in sex,

we were all virgins at the time.

His cell phone rang, his mother needed it

She told him that she would go there,

the companions who were there except my stepbrother offered to take her to her house,

After that, my stepbrother tells me to go, since now it was my turn to do the same as her.

I got a little nervous however I have to accept that she was quite hot,

for the above happened

sweet stepsister schoolgirl sucks me after school.