stepsister fucks with me to comfort herself


stepsister fucks with me to comfort herself.

my relationship with my stepsister is very special and unique within my family,

They always told us that we are equal in character

and in fact with her we form a bond that no one else knew,

not even for my father,

since when we were in front of someone it was a typical relationship between stepsister and me,

but when we were alone we let ourselves be,

my stepsister freed herself from repressed passion and discontent with my father,

in our relationship of trust it was normal for us to see each other naked,

that we bathe together when we can,

the only rule of thumb,

was that she should never tell my father or let anyone know anything.

This relationship started long before my teens,

and because of his modesty and modesty, he faded a lot when I grew up,

As is normal as a child, I will bathe with my stepsister,

I innocently walked into her room while she was changing,

the day to day.

My stepsister besides being devalued and neglected by my father,

she was sometimes mistreated,

when I found her sad or crying for her, I hugged her and tried to cheer her up by staying with her,

This produced the strong union that we had

Over time I grew up and we generated our own trust codes,

In addition to the fact that my stepsister was getting worse and worse with my father and was wearing more and more,

I knew it because my stepsister had no secrets from me,

It was a Saturday routine for my father to wait until I fell asleep to argue with her.

stepsister fucks with me to comfort herself.