spying stepsister in bathroom then teaching me


spying stepsister in bathroom then teaching me

We were a small family

my father,

my mommy, my beauty stepsister and I,

We lived in an area that is classified as an upper middle area,

In this time that I am telling you, I was 16 years old, I saw myself more because of my complexion,

I am tall and I was always medium muscular but thin,

well my mother who was 48 years old at the time,

my father died in a car accident,

Since that event, no mother has become more difficult to deal with, if she already had a strong character, just imagine,

my stepsister did not live with us,

she was already married,

then it was her and me,

once a friend lent me a porn magazine,

very old and battered,

but for me it was the best,

why for his age he had never seen one, much less a naked woman,

So I treasured that magazine

Once I was looking at the magazine when I heard that my stepsister was in the shower,

since she had gone to visit

It did not take much but importance I do not know how or why,

Suddenly I was tempted to spy on my stepsister in the shower,

I do not know why,

I’ve never seen my stepsister like this

so I put back of the bathroom,

there is a small window that was almost always open,

Well I saw her and I froze

how I said I had never seen a naked woman,

and there she was,

completely soapy,

she had her eyes closed,

with a shit!!!!! She had huge tits

a thick tuft of very black and pink pubic hair,

she got into the shower and turned her back on me.

spying stepsister in bathroom then teaching me.