Slutty offered stepsister fucks before getting married


Slutty offered stepsister fucks before getting married.

Due to the pandemic,

my wedding had to be postponed for a year and a half and during that time,

I really discovered things about my now husband,

that the truth did not please me,

but well after 7 years of dating,

I think it had to end in marriage

I come from a very conservative family,

my stepbrother, he is an upright and flawless old-fashioned man,

Although we were never on a strict regimen, there were some details that made me a bit bitter,

for example despite being my age,

my stepbrother forbade me to dress as the “provocative and exhibitionist” would say

when he wore a miniskirt or dresses that weren’t even that short,

he told me that he looked ridiculous and was going to change me,

that a decent girl did not dress like that,

She totally that she sometimes ignored her and she dressed me as she wanted even knowing how angry she made him.

My mom and my brothers,

which physically were not at all graceful but had a lot of lip,

so it was not uncommon to see them with different women.

As the days passed and the wedding approached, I noticed my dad very strange,

because I already stopped living with my parents a few days before,

my dad started wanting to look for me a lot,

until one day he spoke to me on the phone and said:
-Hello daughter-
-Hi pa, what happened? –
-emm nothing, just ….. ehh I wanted to see if I could see you-
-In a bit?? What happens??-
-yes well … if you can’t, we’ll leave it for another day-
-now leaving work I go home, and we talk
-But tell me how long will it take?
– I don’t know dad
– well I wait for you…

Slutty offered stepsister fucks before getting married.