Greedy stepsister we fuck when her boyfriend sleeps


Greedy stepsister we fuck when her boyfriend sleeps.

I have always been very attracted to my stepbrother,

a very tall and strong man,

one day I was in the living room with my boyfriend, watching a movie

yet he was falling asleep,

after that I see how my stepbrother sits next to me.

He looked at me and his penis was semi-erect,

I moved my long blonde hair sensually,

and I amused myself by provoking it.

While we were watching the movie, and seeing that I was causing it more than necessary,

he lifted the sheet and began to fondle me,

I was petrified and he continued with his work of groping me.

little by little I warmed up to a point where,

after taking a look and making sure my boyfriend,

he was completely asleep,

I started to put my hand in his pants,

in order to stroke his big hard cock.

and when I realized that I was bigger than I thought,

simply the fever became even more present.

so I chose to remove that beast from his pants to put it in my mouth.

when he took out that animal, he almost slapped me,

That excited me even more.

like a girl desperate for a toy, I gently put it in my mouth,

that despite all that, I could not completely fit in my mouth,

It was too big, but I wouldn’t give up.

so I continued with my work, sucking my stepbrother’s cock.

over and over again with much pleasure, as he was completely filling my mouth,

Well after a few minutes I decided or rather, we decided to move on to the next step

Greedy stepsister we fuck when her boyfriend sleeps.