Ebony perverted stepsister fucks with me


Ebony perverted stepsister fucks with me

Your tender mother, who lost her husband, your father, when you were still a boy,

he had to fight to move on like many.

So it was that she married who your stepfather is today,

in other words, my father.

Both your mother and you,

they must have lavished that affection in the absence of your father.

She was undoubtedly lucky to have found that older man,

of good economic time that I shelter them both and brought you together with me so that we can be a family.

He with a daughter

that is me and your mom,

with you.

Thus they formed a classic couple,


not so classic,

because in reality your sister is not your sister, but the daughter of your stepfather.

You are my dear stepbrother.

But I’m your sister the same

we have grown up together,

it was those games that we learned that taught us to love each other and to be confidants and buddies.

You are one of the most beautiful male specimens I have ever met,

I am one who does not complain about what she has,

but he knows that there are many women much prettier and more beautiful than me.

When we begin to discover,

we bathed together,

that game of soaping each other was discovering ourselves in the depths of our bodies.

I gave myself to your caresses that always managed to take me beyond my senses and tried to return

your gifts with miles of parties on your beautiful body.

So I am not ashamed to bare my breasts and rub against your virile chest,

Well, I learned to let your hands guide my butt, pressing my pubis against yours to feel your,

a tight and pleasant sensation and that I feel a hard thing that brushes my pussy.

Ebony perverted stepsister fucks with me