delicious hot stepsister taught her to hold the stick.


delicious hot stepsister taught her to hold the stick.

My stepsister and I have lived alone,

in a house since my father abandoned us about 10 years ago,

when I was 16 and my stepsister was 11.

Due to the lack of a father figure,

my stepsister had to do most,

of the housework while I was working.

during the complicated stage of adolescence which,

caused him to be born.

between us a close relationship of complicity.

Currently the relationship with my stepsister has only improved,


I have always known,

that she is not entirely honest with me,

that she hides something from me,

since I doubt that her job as her secretary,

gives us so many luxuries since she always,

gives me expensive gifts and we live in style.

I came to think that she was involved in some,

shady business such as drugs or some dirty business.

Since she left us my father I did not know any partner,

That is why one day when I saw her with a man,

I was very surprised and I decided to follow them.

I say that I was surprised and angry at the same time,

since my stepsister had never told me about this relationship.

While she was following them she was calming me down,

and I thought it was normal for her to make her life,

And that in any case I did not comment,

to her with whom I was or did not go.

My stepsister is a normal girl,

of medium height and a body according to her age,

although some tremendous boobs,

stand out that I must admit,

That make any man horny and that on more than one occasion,

I have made a good handjob thinking about her.

delicious hot stepsister taught her to hold the stick.